Thursday, May 6, 2010

Morgan Hills Unified School District American Flags on Cinco de Mayo

Here, Here!  To Dr Wesley Smith, Superintendent of Schools in the Morgan Hills Unified School District!
It's good that there are still people out there with the courage of their convictions who will not buckle under to the ridiculous demands of the loud few.

I'm sure he would not objection to latino students wearing a shirt with a Mexican or South American flag, as long as it is under the American flag.

When ships go into a foreign port, they put the flag of the country they are visiting ABOVE their home country flag out of respect for their host.

It would be nice to see that same respect from those visiting our country.

Just had to vent my spleen!

Vent My Spleen: Arizona Bill on Illegal Aliens

Vent My Spleen: Arizona Bill on Illegal Aliens

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Arizona Bill on Illegal Aliens

I guess no one has read this bill.

All we hear on television and the radio, is how racist it is, and even the president is ignorant of the facts (he obviously hasn't read it either) and made an inane remark about people being stopped on the way to buy ice cream and asked for their "papers".

Why use an inflammatory term "papers" instead of identification (which is what it is) except to scare people into believing the authorities are some evil entity?

The law states very clearly that officers will ask for identification when making stops, however they are not to stop anyone without purpose.

What the heck is wrong with that? When I am stopped, I am asked for my drivers license. When I make a purchase, I am asked for my picture ID. When I make a hotel reservation, I am asked for picture ID. When I go to the doctor I am asked for my insurance card and a picture ID. When I try to enter my own country, I am asked for my passport. So what the heck is racist about that?

What is racist about requiring that those in this country be here legally?

What happened to the terms "Illegal Immigrant" or "Illegal Alien"? By removing the word "illegal" were we suppose to forget that that is what they are, illegal?

This country is great because of the immigrants who founded and tamed it. We still welcome immigrants who come here LEGALLY. Why would we only hear about the protests against the bill, instead of the 63% of Americans polled who support the bill?

I am tired of the propaganda and slanted media coverage.

I say enough!