Thursday, December 9, 2010

What is happening to our choices?

A gal I know adopts a soldier at Christmas time. This year it is a woman serving in Iraq, whose husband is in San Diego with their 2 children. Last week while taking his children to school, his car was stopped, he and the kids were told to exit the car and sit on the curb.   He was cited for Child Endangerment because he was smoking in the car. The Grandparents in Virginia are going to keep the kids until after his hearing with CPS in January.

The law ( has been in effect since 2008, but he didn't know it existed, he is from Virginia. I know that's no excuse, but really!

Today the Surgeon General came out with the statement ( that One puff or whiff of second hand smoke could cause a heart attack.

I no longer smoke, and I do not disagree with the health hazards, but I am afraid of where this is going. Should my children have been taken from me because I smoked in their presence?  Don't answer that.

Today in LA , they restricted Fast Food outlets ( When will there be a law that unhealthy food cannot be eaten outside your home or you can be accused of child endangerment for giving your child a french fry?

Sound ridiculous? Maybe....., but let's talk about it again in 20 years.   Of course I'll be dead from COPD or heart disease because I smoked and have not eated wisely, but at least I had choices even if sometimes I made bad ones.