Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Business Insides has an article "When You Defend Phil Robertson, Here's What You're Really Defending" WRONG

This article claims that if you defend Phil Robertson you are defending what he believes.  That is absolutely not the case.  Like so many in these last few days, Business Insides has decided to dredge up more (in their opinion) proof of what a terrible person Robertson is.

I defend the right to anyone expressing their own opinion.  I may not agree what Robertson said, just as I don't agree with what Charlie Sheen says, but instead of destroying them I say lets just pay attention to what we are doing as a country, glorify those we agree with and destroy those we don't.

A shame so many people are "afraid" of those who do not agree with them,  I say we need more people with the courage of their convictions, weather "I" agree with them or disagree.

 I refuse to try to destroy anyone just be cause I don't agree.

At least Robertson has not set out to destroy those he believes are sinners, he's gonna let God take care of them.

Charlie Sheen rants again - who cares?

Today when I logged on to my computer there is a rant by Charlie Sheen regarding Phil Robertsons' comments regarding gays.

Why is it that all these idiots pick up on what the drive-by media reports rather than what the facts are.

Robertson just expressed his opinion when asked,

Who asked Sheen?

and more importantly who the heck cares what he thinks?

Duck Dynasty - Whats all the controversy about?

Intolerance, that is all this is.

When anyone professes to be a christian, there are immediately condemned as narrow minded, anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-sex, well you get the idea anti just about everything.


The family spotlighted in Duck Dynasty are just that, a family.

A family that has the right to believe what they choose, just like the rest of Americans.  Weather they believe that Jesus Christ is their savior or Mohammad or Allah, who has the right to say they are wrong in believing what they choose?

Well, I guess at least one Gay and Lesbian organization.

These are same organizations who insist that EVERYONE respect their lifestyle.  Who is being intolerant and disrespectful here?

Phil Robertson obviously has some real issues, he speaks the truth as he sees it, I have to respect his courage!